Bible Studies in Mission (BISAM) is one of the oldest interest groups of IAMS (International Association for Mission Studies). BISAM has been studying the interface between the bible and mission since 1976. The group has been convened by people such as David Bosch, John Pobee and Teresa Okure SHCJ, and since 2004 by John Prior SVD.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

EDINBURGH 1910 - 2010

Many meetings are being held regionally and internationally to celebrate God's mission a century after the World Mission Conference of Edinburgh 1910.

The user-friendly website of the Edinburgh committee with a series of papers (to be published in book form) and much information on preparations for Edinburgh 2010 are available on an attractive website. Visit

The IAMS 2008 Assembly in Hungary can be seen as one such international movement "towards 2010". Visit the IAMS website:

Anybody working on the use of the bible in mission since 1910? Contact the BISAM convenor at